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Leaders in Athletic Club Management

Starting with just one club outside of Chicago in 1995, Precision Partners expanded to owning and managing as many as 16 large tennis and fitness facilities throughout the Midwest. The College Park Athletic Clubs ( remain the flagship clubs with over 2000 members and 100 employees, located in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

While each club community services it’s specific niche, our expert employees serve the highest end of the tennis, yoga, martial arts, and personal training markets. Our retail stores carry top-of-the-line apparel, ensuring our members both look and feel at their best. 

Innovators in Athletic Club Software

In 2009, we began building a cloud-based software solution, specializing in the Athletic Club industry. That solution, Club Automation, grew to run the operations of over 400 Athletic Facilities nationwide. Our solution oversees booking and billing, processes payments, handles member communication, and organizes employee payroll - all from one platform.  

In early 2018, Club Automation was purchased by GI Partners (San Francisco) and merged with software giant, Daxko. Club Automation now runs the operations over 1000 large facilities accross the US, while the broader Daxko brand (including Zen Planner and AAC lines of business) run nearly 7000 facilities.

Experts in Business and Management Consulting

Over the years, we have helped several organizations reach their potential. From Fortune 500 companies to small gyms, Precision Partners has consulted clients on topics such as management, marketing, leadership development, and strategy - for both short and long term durations. 

Other Investments and Partnerships

Ignite Ventures

Ignite partners with companies of all sizes to engage their people through four and five-day journeys that connect, inspire, and transform. Ignite exists to help your company culture thrive by become your people development partner. Increase retention and productivity through experiences your employees will love by partnering with Ignite.

Sports Power Partners

Sports Power Partners is the leader in the Athletic Club industry in guiding businesses on utilizing and maximizing renewable energy. From efficient lighting, to solar, to battery storage, Sports Power Partners aims to sustainably reduce the carbon footprint for every Athletic facility in the US.


Conversica is an Artificial Intelligence sales tool used across many different industries. After eight years of growth, Conversica now handles the sales and prospecting for almost 1500 businesses globally, using six different languages. This AI software helps any business with marketing and sales by fosterbig real conversations to discover the most qualified sales opportunities.

Our Team

Jeff VanDixhorn (Co-Founder)

Jeff is the CEO and Co-Founder of Club Automation, the largest software solution for athletic clubs in the US. He is also co-founder of Four Lakes Athletic Club, Eastlake Athletic Club, Maple City Athletic Club, and Forest City Tennis Center.  He is a former CCIW champion tennis player at Wheaton College (IL) and was inducted into the Wheaton College Hall of Honor in 2008. He and his wife have four children and live in Green Oaks, IL. 

Brian Wu (Co-Founder)

Brian is the CEO of Sports Power Partners and Managing Partner of The College Park Athletic Clubs and Forest City Tennis Center.  Brian also sits on the Board of Directors for the Chicagoland Indoor Tennis Association, as well as the Tennis Center of Sandpoint, Seattle’s first public Tennis Facility. He is a former CCIW Champion Tennis Player at Wheaton College. He and his wife have four children and live in Chicago, IL. 

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